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Graphic Design
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The Hundred%Book series is produced by taking advantage of a license released by the Copyright Licensing Agency to the Royal College of Art library which allows 5% of every book possesed by the institution to be reproduced analogically and distributed internally. By selecting and compiling together the 5% of twenty books, a new, 100% book is created, rearranging research inputs in a thematic anthology and building a new narrative from the combination of previously existing indipendent ones. This process can be repeated in different libraries subject to the same licence, and will have different outputs depending on both the choice of the research topic and the texts available in the repository of choice. This particular example is titled “Paper Tools: Books as Vehicles of Knowledge, Means of Profit and Objects of Art”, a research on the use of the object book throughout its history. The books consists of A3 photocopies french-folded and bound together; in such a way the order of the spreads is subverted and the book pages are turned 'inside-out'.