Vandalipsum - Guillaume Chuard

In the early 1980s, the boom of graffiti culture and the increase of vandalism in public transport, forced authorities to develop a number of prevention techniques against the serious vandals and the opportunistic scrawlers. As prevention, the patterns used on the rag of the public transport furnitures would start mimicking the marks made by its own assailant.

Alex Fergusson – Placeholder Plants

Artificial plants are objects that exist to replicate the real; placed within the spaces we inhabit purely for aesthetic purp ose. ‘Lifelike artificial plants that remain just as fresh-looking year after year. Perfect if you can’t have a live plant but still want to enjoy the beauty of nature’ – IKEA 2016.

Chuck Fager – All One Faith! All One Soap!

On March 9, 1945, a man named Fred Walcher got himself crucified. In Chicago, on the framework under an electric station, after dark. When the cops found him and pulled him down, bleeding and semi-conscious, he wouldn’t say who had nailed him up there. “I’m dying for peace,” he gasped. “I’m dying for Dr. Bronner’s Peace Plan.” Dr. Who? And his what? The police got the full name out of Walcher: Emil Bronner, a chemist. The cops found Dr. Bronner later that night, making soap at the factory where he was research director. “Are you Bronner?” they demanded. He admitted it. “Do you have a peace plan?” He said he did. “Come with us. ”He went.

Jin Young An – Pick Me Up

A rapidly increasing number of girl idols make their debuts every month and every year in South Korea, but they disappear imm ediately. They share very similar appearances, due to cut and dried plastic surgery, mostly similar-looking outfits and dance choreographs which largely lack originality and individuality. The images of different girls actually making the identical gestures are repeated continuously until they do not stand on their own anymore and become a routinized pattern. Therefore, when it comes to pop girl groups, their images are essentially homogeneous, mechanical, routinized, and repetitive.

Quian Yuan – Chinese Lorem Ipsum

There are thousands of low-frequency Chinese characters in existence that are rarely used or even recognised by Chinese speakers, making them the perfect resource for a Chinese version of lorem ipsum. The following random placeholder texts are generated by chineseloremipsum.com. Users can hear the pronunciation for each character upon hover and tap.

Lorenzo Pradelli – Lulu Templates

Lorem Ipsum (Pain Itself) is a collection of artistic research that explores the place of ‘placeholders’ in contemporary culture. The title is inspired by the pseudo-Latin placeholder text derived and devolved from a passage of De Finibus written by Cicero in 45 BC, commonly used in publishing and graphic design to mimic the appearance of meaningful content until the real thing becomes available.

Joseph Townshend – Untitled LTD

Lenin to Trotsky: Now this is the truth, and I can refer you to many authorities. When Catherine II and her royal entourage saile d down the Dnieper River in 1787 to view the New Territories, the Field Marshall Potemkin created sham villages of painted canvas along the river bank to give the distinguished visitors a false impressions of reality. We want no more Potemkin villages.

Christina Wörner – Kennel

It has been said that an excess of stimulation is erotic. Thus eroticism is able to act as a mirror to the world by reflecting excesses, to draw out the violence. Repression is a cat without a smile. Or, perhaps just one large, brimming smile, a smile that deliberately over compensates: a winning smile. A slit that is red and silver. Vodka and fishbone. Salmon roe is precious in the instance where you cut ass to belly to throat. Salmon may come from glacial water, a turquoise so cold it burns. Absolutism rests in the chambers of the sadist and masochist.

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