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The B%K project takes from the experience of the hundred%book, concentrating its effort on creating a group research and editorial discussion around the paper object. The book in question was created as a result of a workshop where the participants were given a theme (Art/Value) and were asked to collect fitting texts from the library collection. The limit for the selected text were fixed to the 5% of the book to compile with the licence granted to the Royal College of Art library by the Copyright Licensing Agency. After collectivelt reading and discussing the contents of the selected chapters, the group decided the structure and the narrarive of the newly formed B%K. The books consists of A3 photocopies french-folded and bound together; in such a way the order of the spreads is subverted and the book pages are turned 'inside-out'.

Jaione Bengoechea Cerrato, Laura Calloni, Blaise Chatelain, Guillaume Chuard, Laurene Ciocco, Ju Hee Hong, Robert Hetherington, Clea Jentsch, Seo Hye Lee, Lorenzo Louis Pradelli, Qianqian She, Ellie Sweetnam.

Royal College of Art Library

Lorenzo Louis Pradelli
WIP Show 2016, Royal College of Art